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When we come across words that we do not know, we will immediately consult the dictionary. For some people, creativity is an unknown realm. It seems vague and hard to grapple with. ‘A’ Bite is the dictionary to consult when it comes to the exploration of what creativity really is. Antipasto is collecting words and statements from local and renowned artists as we are compiling our dictionary of creativity, “A” Bite for our blog.  The bite size entries will provide precise and simple one-sentence definition to creativity. It is the perfect way to refresh the mind every day. Let’s see what the creative force behind the artists really is.

Feeling brain dead and bored?

Go look up words in “A” bite and get inspired!


Today’s Bite of the Day is “Dictionary”




a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with Information about them

“Dictionary ties me to literature which shapes my choices, decisions and inspiration.”

Statement by Raven Tao – an actress, model, presenter, an entertainment industry personality based in Hong Kong.


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