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Daily Dose of Wisdom – Communication with Design



[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s one of the founders for Elle Décor UK and  a renowned architect, Ilse Crawford believes that communication is more than just words. She believes in human.

Core of Design – Human

‘Always think about the human beings,’ said Ilse. ‘A good design is making new realities sensible.’ Changes happen every day and there are way too many new products filling the emptiness in between. It is therefore crucial for designers to have the courage to communicate and understand what others are thinking. Designers are more than just giving what others want but to get people around inspired. ‘Always think about human being because that makes my design worth living.’





Inside an apartment of 226 Hollywood Road, a project Ilse involved in Hong Kong.


‘It’s a verb, not a noun.’

Communication is a flowing concept, so does design. ‘It is a process which starts from human beings. You have to understand how the space will be used and change the way we behave and feel.’ Ilse says. Through the interaction between the surrounding environment and people, emotions can then be transferred from the inside to the outside. It is exceptionally true to a highly dynamic city like Hong Kong. With a well-established neighborhood full of energy and character, starting something new is more about blending in than standing out. How an individual sense and feel will eventually affect the entire community. Once they are connected, design will start automatically.


There is no definition for good or bad design as it is always given my human. The sky might be the limit for designers but at the end of the day, design is about upgrading an ordinary life.


Whose life again? I think you know it.