text by Aurora Baldessin

translated by Hailey Chan

Photo by Gorka Bravo (Dias de Dansa) & Jon Nicholls (Tangled Feet)

Luckily, creativity has never had boundaries or borders. It resides in any object, any corner, our minds and hearts, and may even be right  under your feet and you’ve never even realized it!

Allan Kaprow affirmed that art defines itself by the fact that it is a unique, one-time experience that depends on audience response, and it cannot be bought or brought home”.

Some art forms enacted in urban spaces, such as streets, squares, or parks, present a direct challenge to conventional performance sites, engaging artists and spectators in an active and emotional experience. For artists, having the whole city itself as an artistic workshop with a wealth of  inspiration and creativity to be discovered, is their biggest dream.

Many different forms of aesthetic and creative expression exist, especially when dance, music and theater meet in an urban settting to create site-specific shows.


藝術大師卡布羅 (Allan Kaprow) 將藝術定義為:「藝術在特定的時間,地點,獨一無二地構成,是藉由觀眾的反應,是一種不可轉移及複製的體驗。」

藝術以各種形態呈現,遍佈大街小巷,介入我們生活環境,對公共空間帶來衝擊,著重藝術家與觀眾的情感交流。簡而言之,能擁有一個富靈感,充滿創意的城市實是藝術家夢寐以求的藝術之都。美學以不用姿態方式表現, 因地制宜,當舞蹈、戲劇和音樂相遇,便能形成一場特定場域的表演項目。

My attention was recently captivated by two such “urban” events.

The first one was Dias de Danza (International Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes), a festival featuring avant-garde and street dance in public spaces, which celebrated its 20th
anniversary last July.Created in Barcelona to bring contemporary dance to audiences of various backgrounds and ages, this production tries to generate lively debate and personal reflection on the use of public space, fostering interaction among people with respect to their understanding of urban planning.

As the director of DDD, Juan Eduardo López remarked: “Our creative energy stems from a passion for communication. Art is a declaration of freedom; it is the desire to create new spaces of encounter and participation between artists and the public.

近期我被兩場表演深深吸引。前者名為 DIAS DE DANZE (國際都會景觀舞蹈節),柔合當代前衛派及街舞,以公共空間為場地的表演,作為大會於7月份踏入二十周年的慶祝活動之一。當代舞團來自巴塞羅那,為不同年齡背景的觀眾帶來生趣盎然的演出,融合藝術及探討對公共空間的反思,意涵深遠。


The second project that aroused my curiosity for its strength of innovation is Tangled Feet’s All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, which premiered in London at GDIF (Greenwich + Docklands International Festival) last June, co-commissioned with Thomas Tallis School.

The show focused on urban development, destruction and re-building, and the imprints left on a city by the lives that have passed through it. An outdoor spectacle on a scaffold stage blended aerial and physical theatre on the old site of the school.

Tangled Feet experiments by employing image, music, text and atmosphere to create a “live” theatre effect, with the aim of immersing the audience in a total sensory experience.

另一個為 Tangled Feet的表演 - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air ,集合創新的元素,更為引人入勝。 去年6月與 Thomas Tallis學校合辦, 於倫敦的格林威治和多克蘭國際藝術節首次公演,大獲好評。


In the words of directors Nathan Curry and Kat Joyce, “Our work is shaped by the collective experience of a group which is the key to our creative energy. All performances are designed to be extremely responsive to the location and the audience, which is the reason why we never see the conclusion until our viewers have helped to complete one, bringing their own unique set of associations and experiences”.

Urban landscapes such as those shown by these examples, could be an effective arena for creation, reflection, and re-appropriation of city spaces through creativity, promotion and the development of artistic and social intervention. In both productions, an unconventional use of space, visuals and audience participation succeeds in drawing us into our own creative centres, while enticing us to reexamine our own physical surroundings as possible new spaces for artistic expression.

I strongly suggest you take a look at their work, after all what better way to learn more that to let them speak for themselves!

「以表演過程塑造集體回憶是我們創作能量的關鍵,所有演出皆匠心獨允,講求與觀眾的互動交流,兩者環環相扣,喚起個人以及群體的共同記憶,牽動全場。」 TANGLE FEET 總監彌敦嘉尼和吉喬伊斯說。

以城市景觀作為藝術體現,表現藝術與社會的關鏈,通過創意,推廣及發展, 為城市空間的創造,反映及重新定位搭建了有效討論平台,提供更開闊的想像。作品強調空間運用,構圖,人與環境的互動關係,引領我們構思自已的創作天地,生活環境亦可能成為藝術表現的空間。

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