Cool Discovery – Episode 2 Winemaking art

In episode 1, “Cool Discovery” asks famous Hong Kong designers whether fashion can be green, and considers the recycling of clothes and fabrics – look utterly amazing while saving the planet – Eco-Couture. Episode 2 serves up a visit to an Italy winery – Torrevilla. Is winemaking an art or a science?


Cool Discovery takes you to the heart of Italy’s wine country, where the art of winemaking is alive and well, aided by a little science.

Episode 2 shows you the picturesque landscape of the Region of Lombardy, where broad, rolling hills, banded with rows of lush greenery overlook valleys interspersed with winding roads, connecting villages that appear as ancient as the land itself. Come with us to the sun-drenched slopes, where wine growers have been perfecting their craft since the Celts and Romans held this territory.

Then we treat you to a look inside Torrevilla winery, in the village of Terrazza Costa. We show you the presses where the grapes from the surrounding vineyards are crushed for their juice, and give you a glimpse of the processes, from the stainless steel fermentation tanks to the oak barrels and bottle racks where the wines are aged.

Enjoy the technology – and the romance – of modern winemaking, courtesy of Cool Discovery!